Heidi Hadley – Natural Health Practitioner

My journey to connect with Heidi is a story within itself.  I was recovering from  bilateral masectomy and reconstructive surgery a number of years ago and I had trouble finding a suitable Practitioner. I asked my Physiotherapist if he could recommend anyone and he came up with a couple of names.  I tried these people, while they were very good I didn’t connect with them.  I continued to search and came across Bodylogic on Brighton Road.  I wanted to start seeing Heidi but she was away, I started with another Practitioner but then she retired!  I persisted and waited till Heidi returned at a new location that was nearly two years ago.  She has been a god send to me.  I now visit her on a monthly basis where she works on whatever area needs work. Sometimes she spends more time on my back releasing the pressure from my bilateral scars or sometimes she works on my arms or neck.   Having a massage is a regular complimentary therapy that I treat myself to now and I look forward to her cheerful disposition and knowledge.  We are forever exchanging ideas and growing our business knowledge.  She is very open and helpful with hints for Pink Travels which I am truely grateful.  The morale of the story?  Keep looking for the right person to help you through this sometimes trying and difficult time – I certainly have found my ideal Natural Health Therapist!  Massage is not a therapy that many Surgeons suggest.  It is usually something as a survivor we research for ourselves. Take a look at her website www.heidihadley.com

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