Cancer Council SA – Ambassador – Cathy Hankin

Some weeks ago I met  fellow Cancer Council Ambassador – Cathy Hankin.  She like me, is a breast cancer survivor.  A strong woman who has had to endure more than anyone should have to cope with.  She was diagnosed with breast cancer over 10 years ago, she fought it well and then put it behind her.  Only to have a recurrence within the last year.  Again she underwent numerous tests, hospital visits, x-rays, doctor appointments and surgeries.  She is a very resilient lady whom I have gained an immense amount of respect.  When I asked if I could interview her for Pink Travels she was more than happy to help out and in turn spread the word of Pink Travels.  She gave up a job she loved, but instead of sitting back relaxing she now volunteers for the Cancer Council of South Australia on a weekly basis.  It is because of people like Cathy I started Pink Travels. Together we can make a difference – I love being able to help out in some small way fellow cancer survivors.   Take a look at the website to find out more about Pink Travels and how I can help you.

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