Jane Wilkinson is a breast cancer survivor who wants to make a difference in the world. Jane is passionate about raising awareness about breast cancer and is sharing her story with others in the community in the hope of assisting them with their survival journey.

Jane is married with one daughter and currently lives in Adelaide, Australia. Jane has travelled extensively and immersed herself in Canadian life when she lived in Ontario for a period of two years. Jane is a BRCA2 carrier and has survived breast cancer on two occasions. These battles have provided Jane with a deep understanding of the challenges that face breast cancer survivors, their families and their friends. Over the last seven years Jane has been a volunteer and committee member of the Cancer Council of Australia assisting in fundraising and support activities for survivors of all forms of cancer. She was the Survivor Co-ordinator for Adelaide’s Relay For Life and has volunteered for Daffodil Day, held a number of Girls’ Night In fundraisers and was the Chairperson at the Adelaide Relay For Life Summit.

Jane’s love for travel is what prompted her to establish Pink Travels, a company which is focused on creating a journey of self-discovery. Jane is committed to assisting survivors whether a group, family, couple of individual to create a bespoke travel experience that suits their circumstance. This includes arranging accommodation, special services, dining options and planned excursions.

Jane’s most memorable travel experience is from the time spent travelling throughout Canada. She enjoying touring through many wilderness areas and is familiar with an abundance of picturesque locations. Her love for independent travel has made her an expert at assisting others in creating specialised itineraries that enable her clients to enjoy a break from the challenges of their daily lives. Pink Travels is an opportunity to tick off their bucket list items.

Jane has established Pink Travels to take you on a majestic trip to Canada with other like-minded people to experience the awe of the Canadian Rockies. You will explore, reflect and experience parts of Canada that are not on the usual tourist route. Jane has extensive knowledge and has in country assistance to showcase Canada for the beauty it is.